Friday, 27 May 2016

green arrow

DC Nation - Green Arrow - "Brick"

Walt: use Onomatopoeia in our writing.

When black canary was fighting the evil brick suddenly green arrow came. Then black canary said,”why
did you came late’’ Then green arrow said’’to try out his new different skill of the arrow then black canary said’’ok but remember last day you almost kill us’’then green arrow replied to black canary it will be ok.

Then he started to freeze evil brick then we shot his arrow then started to introduce the skill then when green arrow about to shot then he said’’high at the sky then he’’Smash’’ the evil brick shriek him into a little tiny brick then suddenly he turn into a enormous huge giantess evil brick then green arrow had a plan then he use his arrow and hit the wrecking ball then when the wrecking hit him then he got’’Crunch’’then he got torn to shred.

Task description:This task we have to watch a video then retell the video then use Onomatopoeia.

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