Wednesday, 1 June 2016

superhero story

WALT: write a narrative story.

In the city it was peaceful and Quiet but suddenly ‘’boom’’ a loud noise came from evil giant space alien.Then suddenly spider man and iron man came a long then started to have a fight then spider man said to iron man ‘’i am going to start first’’ then iron man said ok ‘’ then suddenly the giant space alien spoke and said ‘’i want to have the blue rare crystal so i can defeat the world’’ then spider man said ‘’you won’t never steal the blue  rare crystal’’.

Suddenly spider man came up to the evil giant space alien he use his web to tangle him and when he was tangle him but then spider man ‘’Pow’’ the evil giant space alien then iron man use his strong fist to attack the evil giant space alien and then when his fist came closer then suddenly’’crash’’ then the  evil giant space alien crash down in the ground but most  of the evil giant space alien escape  to the museum to find the blue rare crystal but lucky spiderman and iron man came to protect the blue rare crystal then they defeat and capture the evil giant space alien then take them  to a place call galaxy prison then ‘’spider man said how we find the galaxy prison then iron man said ‘’we have to find the damage then they find the right one’’ Then spider man said yes then they try to find the right one.

But then when they were about to go to then suddenly iron man was frightened because there was an enormous alien then Spider Man ask him a question then he said are you ok a you ok?  Then iron man said ‘’there a enormous alien right behind you’’ then spider man said that just ridiculous’’then iron man replied to spider man look behind you then spider man said ‘’oh oh’’ then spider Man and iron man mix together their power and iron man said ‘’on the count of three we combine our superpower’’then spider man said yes’’ then they both said one two three then they combine their superpower together then ‘ka boom’ then they finally defeat and capture all of the evil giant space alien then the ‘’police said thank you for saving our blue rare crystal and our give for you is a golden medal for saving our blue rare crystal and we are granted you’’then ‘’spider man and iron man said thank you very much’’ then the police repealed you're welcome then spiderman and iron man save the city.

TASK DESCRIPTION:This task we have to write a story about a superhero and draw a picture and put it on our blog.


  1. hi inga its me angelica i like your hole thing by angelica

  2. hi inga its me angelica i like your hole thing by angelica

  3. Hi tuluinga i like your writing its very cool and i also like your spider man that you drawed you are very good at drawing