Wednesday, 4 May 2016

ka pow

WALT: recount an event.

Hey have you learn about comics book? Well in pt England school team 4 is making their own comics 
books and i am looking forward about comics book it you don’t know you can learn

This year this topic is ‘’as i see it’’ and mostly art and i was cheerful about the theme.Then team 1 show us all about the year one teacher favourite thing about art.then after that then we have to listening carefully about what was their favourite thing because so we answered their question right so they well eat chocolate then when they finished it was time for team 2 to show about their season and they speak in different way about the weather then they give flower to miss king for helping them.

After that it was time for team 3 and it about building and it was Peaceful and they were talking about there own house how they felt inside it and when it was finished. It was team 4 now and they were learning about comics books and they show a video of them in the comics book and also about sequential art.Then when it was started bear baxendine stole bobby Jon Chromebook and their was some superhero saw Bear Baxendine then they charge for evil bear baxendine.

Then suddenly two other superhero spy on Bear  Baxendine and then they charge to Bear Baxendine then Bear baxendine pow two of the super hero then one super hero said i need my mum. Then Suddenly the teacher venger came then the superhero said help me please and their name was Bat guy,Wondering Woman then finally their team leader america.Then Bat guy said two Wondering Woman and team leader america it grab two of the superhero and you get Bear Baxendine  then they  Replied to Bat guy on it then they pow, ka pow, whack Bear Baxendine then Bat guy came in and boom then Bear Baxendine went to prison. Then the superhero  Graduate each other then it was finished and assemble.

I think about this new term is totally awesome because the teacher favourite thing,the season,building and finally Ka pow and i am so cheerful because team 4 is learning about comics books and this is my best term about comic but i never get to read a comic books book but i was movie about it.

Task description : This term team 4 is learning about comics books and we have to write a recount.Also it was also about sequential art and that mean when people live in a cave they drew picture so they know their story.

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