Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Week 1 problem solving term 3

Walt: use a number of ways to solve multiplication problems
Walt: use exponents

Task description:Hi and welcome back in room 10 we are doing do new thing in our math and it is Exponents.So exponent is like 2 number one little and one big and if it seven two it mean we have to do those same number together.So then i work with my friend and i am happy cause my friend and me complete our problem solving and we post it on our blog.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Week 10 problem solving

Walt: add and subtract decimals 
Walt: add/subtract using algorithms
In Room 10 our teacher gave us problem solving week 10 and it about subtract decimal.So in Room 10 i have to work on the first one and screencasts it and when we finish and then we continue with our other work and when we finish we post it on our blog.

My voice over

My animation is about sailing technology in NZ.  Back in the day before Europeans arrived in NZ Maori people used trees to make wakas. They couldn’t just get metal from a factory like we do these days. they used paddles made out of wood from trees.

100 years ago sail boats were invented. they  were made out of wood and metal and had sails so they can be carried along the water by the wind.Now a days we have fancy technology and yachts, cities and cars. The boats these days are made out of metal,steel and plastic.Lots of boats have steering wheels,radio, engines, seats, rooms and much more.I Hope you enjoyed.                                                               


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Solar Eclipse.

Last week in America Did you know that there was a Solar Eclipse in there.I know Hi I am going to explain to you about the Solar Eclipse and what is a solar Eclipse so today I will tell you more Information.

So a Solar eclipse is when the Moon block the Sun when it block the Sun it  a recipe of disaster and Cool in the same time.Because If I live in America it will be freezing cold and Shivering.Because the moon is blocking the Sun.In fact if you look during the solar Eclipse your eye might get damage by the causes if you don’t wear Sunglasses.

But if I actually look at the solar eclipse it would be Incredible but wearing with Sunglasses So we won’t hurt our eye but In I think with i live in america I would go and try to look at the Solar Eclipse.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My animation of sailing

In Room 10 Math we have to do are animation of fishing or sailing.So in Room 10 we have to created an animation about fishing or sailing and then Record it with our script.Then when we finish and we have to put it in are Slide and post it.