Thursday, 16 August 2018

The adventure of Room seven experience.

Walt: structure a recount.
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Pt England reserve

Wow! Have you ever did a competitive competition with your friends picking up rubbish? Well I have an wow it is freezing out there. In this experience we have to clean up our reserve which is polluted, however the team who picks the most rubbish without being Disqualified wins. In my team is Hope, Lillyana, Jedida, Amira, Roshaan, and me.

In class we have to pay attention to what Mr Goodwin explain. He said that we have to find our groups in five. I was feeling gently warm and cozy, while my friends were feeling freezing and shivering. After then when we were walking to our reserve I was feeling actually Determine. Because it is really important to clean our community and caring for it. Then when we have to get ready to run spot rubbish my team were already prepared as soon when Mr Goodwin ‘’said go go go’’ we were in our target but the only thing that we can’t go was out of boundary which meant not out of the zone. I was really power up that neartime.

During cleaning it was so shivering and difficult. Because we have to find filthy rubbish but it was very useful and funny during that time it is that we have made much more improvement in cleaning then before also funny because when we were picking rubbish Hope was so exhausted she started to walk like a koala, and even me too. But later on when our team were picking rubbish I was feeling very frosty how the huge mighty wind blown over  by cozy body. Then when we have spare time I saw drinks can, Plastic, chips, and finally a folk. When Jedida, Roshaan, Hope, Liliyana, Amira, and I have to come back as soon when the whistle is blown by our teacher Mr Goodwin. Me and my team have did very fantastically! Job by working as a team and also communication with each other, I felt very happy.

When it was me and my team and it was the fourth area we have got some huge rubbish. But when it was time to check which team who got the most I was feeling anxious and excited! In the same time. Because the judge was Miss Hare yay! But it was very difficult because there were heaps of rubbish from each other strong group. Then after deciding it was hard for Miss Hare but the winners was Sonnia group in her group was Zamera, Jacob, Julius, and Chance. I was very disappointed but happy because I think my group did a awesome job.

I really think it was a good and joyful experience. Because I think it is very useful to clean our community  that it won’t get polluted with rubbish like cans, bottles, and plastics mostly. In this experience I would recommend that other people can be useful by cleaning. Also it is because it really fun! Having friends picking up disgusting rubbish.

Task description: In Room 7 we are finishing off our recount about our experience from the reserve. Today we are checking that it makes sense, have a capital, and where does the comma goes in each paragraph focusing. After double checking our recount we post it with a free to use image and label.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Whoa how fast is that?

Walt: solve problems with multiple elements.

In Rm 7 we have to finish off our work. I am very excited that I am going to the warrior game playing rugby before the game at night time. But in Rm 7 we have to finish at I am good because after finish we have to post it on our blog.

Ki o rahi activity

Walt: find relevant information in the text
In this task we have to write a definition of what is ki o rahi in these six box explaining. Then after looking for the meaning we write in our own words. When we finish we can decorate it and post it.

Farah Palmer the front row.

Walt: find relevant information in the text.
In This activity we have to make a news about farah palmer and what she did first of all. Then after reading we have to write about her like a news. When we finish we post it on our blog.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Rugby and netball comparing

Walt: look for the hidden meaning in the text.
In Room 7 we have to finish off our work of comparing netball to rugby in the text called Farah Palmer the front row. It is about a lady who use to play netball and it wasn't a choice to play rugby it didn't exist. But later there was a rugby girls team and she play rugby. Farah palmer love netball and rugby. Then after comparing we write our definition we  post it on our blog.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Inga timetable schedule of a girl.

Walt: look for the hidden meaning in the text.
Task description : Today in Rm 7 we are finishing off our activity today. I am very happy that she I have finish my work this work is about are healthy week and we have to think of fitness each 7 day. After  when we finish we post it on our blog.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Write the scene!

Walt: think about dialogue between characters

Today in RM 7 we are finishing work and this is the best day! because today it is my birthday huray! so then after when we finish. Oops sorry our class have to get into a partner and write about the picture. Then after we get into partner we can go with other people. When we finish we post it on our blog.