Friday, 11 May 2018

Room 8 Class treaty

WALT: create a letter using full sentences and correct punctuation.

Hi guys In Rm 8 reading we are finishing off our work and I am very happy that I can finally post my writing so then after doing this treaty activity then we double check or proof read it before we have post it. After checking we can post it on our blog.

My Scout the Perimeter

Walt: recognise shapes and sides.
Hi Guys today in Rm7 we are doing finishing off work and I am very great!. Because today I have finish all my work this week but it was very hard for this one but after so long I finally finish so then we have to post it on our blog.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

#2 Shapes and Symmetry.

Walt: recognise shapes and sides.

Hi guys! today in Rm7 math we are doing new work similar to the other but the second sliver task is perimeter and it was actually hard to do for me. Because I didn't get it but still so when I did this activity it was fun to decorate and so after doing the reflection of it then we have to post it on our blog with information.

Monday, 7 May 2018

My what is force task.

Walt: be able to explain what force is
Walt: find important information from several readings and put these in my own words.

Hi guys and today in Rm 8 literacy we have to continue our work but I am very excited to finish myliteracy work. Because when at the last slide it was hard cause I didn't have any question but soon when I think again I finally did question and did it with and happy face saying thanks. After all of that then I finally decide to post on my blog.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Recount about Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly WALT: recount an event in a descriptive and engaging way

Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava hello there and welcome to term 2 yeah. Have you ever been to an immersion assembly before? Well  I have we had one today at April 31. If you don’t know what is a Immersion assembly it is when we learn new things each time about our korero and stuff. Today our topic for this term is I like to move it! And it is really creative. Because when we came into assembly we were in a wiggle line and sat down straight away.

This term our theme which is I like to move it is about how we can use force or gravity to make something move like wheel, cart, and other stuff that can move. Today when we went to the hall team 1 movie started and there one was very awesome. How the teachers keep trying to move the enormouse rock blocking their path to the beach. But luckily they knew a way to move the block by using a lever so after when they finally move the huge rock they all had an tropical time in the ocean.

After when team 1 movie finish in a chillaxation way then came along team 2 and there music pop me out. Because the beat it was an remix but the thing that the teacher were riding on some pulling, pushing object like the acer car and trolley to show us some object that can move. When it came team 3 there one was a hit.
Because when all the teacher were in the park they dance and play again repeating.

Soon when team 3 finished finally it was time for team 4 and I was curious. Because soon the movie started I don’t know what we are doing but the movie was awesome and funny in the same time. That how when Mr Goodwin said high five all of the other teacher ignore him and Mr Goodwin felt sad. After 2 hour finally they decide to make a plane like the other and it was an masterpieces. When our team finish soon team 5 came and it was dangerous.

After all of the wonderful movie I think I want to learn how can airplane fly do they use force or not. This term I am very interesting about what we are learning in team four. Also I think this assembly have been the best assembly I ever been. Because when we saw team 1 - team 5 movie there one was awesome but I have to say  that the best part is when the teacher did a challenge. Soon when Mr Jacobsen got the confeti it didn’t work but it Kapow! after then I think the best Movie have to be all of the creation. Because they were Awesome, cool, and amazing. After all of the surprising things in Assembly it was time to go back to class.

Task description: This week we are doing an recount from Monday about immersion assembly and what we are doing about. Today we are finishing off our immersion assembly writing and it is cool that it now term 2 and I finish our work but the only thing we have to check is our writing. Soon when we finish we post it on our blog.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Silver task name the Shapes and Symmetry

Walt: reconise shapes and sides.

Today in term 2 we are doing our sliver one and I am happy. Because it was very tricky to copy the other shape with poly line but I did it so then I decorate it and at the end I drawn an shape and saying thank for looking. Soon when we finish we post it on my blog.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Inga Shapes on top of other shapes

Walt: reconise shapes and sides.

Hello there and welcome now to term 2 yeah. Today in Room 7 our topic is I like to move it and it is about float and force so then today we are learning shape and this is the bronze activity. I think it is easy because in the activity I know all of them and finish quick. But when I double check i decide to color the background, soon when we are finish we can carried to the sliver and post it on our blog.