Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Challenge

Walt: use multiplication and division to find fractions of sets.

Task description:This task we had an extremely cool challenge we just have in room 10 math class.So in room 10 our challenge was we have to do the question while we record and that was scared.Because this was my first time doing this so in room 10 we have to show you what we done so our question was division and it was really great because i know how to do it that why,So in our class all of us was record but then i was the first one.So after when i finish then our teacher told us to post so then i post it and put it on my blog bye!.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

week 3 problem solving

Walt: make connections between decimals and fractions

Walt: use multiplication and division to find fractions of sets.

Task description:This task we have to do our week 3 problem solving and it was really hard and easy because some of them that i understand but some are not so then in room 10 math we are doing our problem solving first before practice work so then when we finish choosing are partner and then we have to start reading our question carefully and then we have to solve our problem together.After that when it finish and then we have to post it on our blog.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Describe the smart shoe

Walt: use personal voice in our writing
Walt: organise and order ideas and information appropriately

Walt: understand why certain materials are used to support a product in it's performance.
Walt: decide if a product is fit for purpose.
1.Describe the product

I think that the shoe is soft and smooth because how they design where the soft material go and it really good to help and also when we look at the shoe it look like are secret spy gadget that nobody no.

2.what do you think this product is?

I think this shoe is something good and interesting for people.Because how they are comfortable,soft and cosy for them,and also i think that the shoe is really useful and handy  because it can help old people ankle to get better.Also if i were those shoe i think it would be are spy gadget that do anything you want.

3.Do this product solve thing

I think this product is are good product.Because it help people to get better and also it can make your  feet comfortable and warm and cold,because how they have does button.

4.Would you buy it or not buy it?

I think it is are really good idea to buy them.Because it can help you feet get better and also because in the movie it said that they can be charge how they have to button.

Friday, 12 May 2017

The immersion assembly

Walt: recount an event in a descriptive and engaging way.

Wow that was amazing and very cool assembly,Oop sorry hi there and welcome to are
new term of term 2 Yeah!. In this term all of the team had made there movie about technology but my most favourite one was team 2 because when i saw Mrs Nalder walking she made me laughed and that was one of the funniest walk i ever saw.

So then in assembly when all of the class came,then Mr burt was talking about technology and it was strange because after our holiday finish we have assembly on Monday and it was very cool to me.Because when i saw in assembly i saw an interest topic and it was called Now that thinking so then when i saw it i was talking about what do that mean to me so then after when we sit down and then Mr Burt said Kia Ora to all of us and i was very happy because i get to see my best friend.

Meanwhile when the assembly still continue all of us was standing.Because every time when we come for assembly on Friday we do our national Anthem because we are representing New Zealand that why,so then in assembly it was finish and i was sad because i want to see more of the movie but then when assembly finish i was happy because it was are very awesome day and cool day.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Week 1 term 2 problem solving

Walt: make connections between decimals and fractions
Walt: use multiplication and division to find fractions of sets.

Task description:for this this week room 10 are doing fraction and it was really difficult.Because some of them were hard for me but most of them was very easy so then our teacher Miss West told us some tip to make us better at doing our decimal so then in room 10 we are doing our problem solving for last week or doing our this week and it was cool because i get to learn how to do decimal but then this week we have to do our problem solving with are person and then after that we have to read the question before we answer it.Then when we finish we have to put it on our blog.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Week 1 term 2 reading task

Task description:This week we are finishing our work for term 2 and it is really fun.Because we have to get thing done before we even beat the morning tea bell so then in Room 10 we are finishing off our week 1 work before we go to week 2 so then I have to do my literacy work and it all about technology.So then our teacher Miss west show us what it mean before we go,But after that we have to do our work and when we finish we have to check before we post it on our blog.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My animation voice overs

A long long time ago, there was a strong man that lived on a tiny island  and his name was Maui.One day while maui was relaxing then his Whanau came along to tell maui that they were starving so then maui went for an adventure to find food for his family.So then he took his hook and then he started to row,row and row until he find a place and then when he stop,then he throw his hook far as he could,then after that he wait for a while.Meanwhile when maui wait,then his hook went down and down,until suddenly while maui was sitting then something big came and came and when it came maui pull the giant fish hard as he could and finally he pull the big,big giant fish up and after 2000 year Later the giant fish became the new Zealand. The End.