Friday, 18 August 2017

My Water cycle

In Room 10 we are finish off our work and I am happy cause I have finish this week work So then after if we are with our work we can post it on our blog.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Week 4 problem solving

Walt: measure and understand volumes, and make a connection between measurement and fractions.
Walt: develop an understanding of equivalent ratios.

In room 10 we are doing our problem solving but it is a different one.But i was very happy cause my best friend help me and i help her.

Friday, 11 August 2017

problem solving week 3

Walt: measure and understand distances and volumes, and make a connection between measurement and fractions.  Walt: develop an understanding of equivalent ratios.

This was my math task for this week.I worked with Levonah and Trinity.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Walt: understand area and volume; use exponents
Walt: reflect on our problem solving
Walt: solve more complex division problems

Task description:This task we are learning volume and area and it is tricky.But unless i finish it but then when we finish we post it on our blog.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The adventure of finding are new planet

the morning there was a handsome Man named Jack and he wear a Creative and amazing t-shirt that he made and also Jack was an astronaut.One day while Jack was at home.Something huge change.Because when Jack saw the News it was terrible.Because earth is no longer has fresh air or good water.Because some people didn’t care about our resource and that cause people to evacuate earth, Even Jack so then they went for a journey to find a new planet to live.
So when Jack heard it he was serious.Because they are trying to find a planet  that they can survive,so soon Jack had are Important Mission! And it is to tell them to follow them to Nasa so they can go to different Rocket Fast or else they won’t survive.Then after when they separate into different group then they started doing the countdown 5..4..3..2..1 Blast off Shouted Jack.Then when they went out of space it was  Incredible.But suddenly when they were in out of space an asteroid crash into the Rocket and when they crash people started to panicky and Jack felt nervous.Meanwhile when there rocket crash, luckily there was a planet but when Jack saw the planet his face was interest because that planet is are new planet.

Meanwhile when Jack discovered are new planet with the people there were Rare creature in the planet and beautiful crystal.Then when Jack was looking around the planet he called it Crystal stone and ‘the good part is that the planet is habitable’ said Jack so then Jack told the people that it is Ok to come out and look around this Planet and they live happily in the Crystal stone.

Task description:This term we are doing guardian of the galaxy and it is really cool.Because this term is a good term.So in room 10 we have to finish off our writing and i am happy cause i am finish,so after when we finish we post it on our blog.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My task.

In Room 10 we are finish off our work we haven't finish but i happy.Because I am finish and after I finish i post it on my blog.

Hi there my name is Morgan.So last week we had an ordinary day until when it was Wednesday. Because our Principal Mr Potts got  kidnapped by alien.Oh! That terrible.Because what happen if they try to get me.Soon when we were at school our principal haven’t Return.

The next day in assemble Mr Pott came back and he say that time traveller came.But we were all laughing.Because properly he had a bad dream or he just made it up.But the next day time traveller came and I was Shocked.Cause I can’t believe it.So when we look at them a tall one was first to came out and the other kid but when they came out Mr Potts said ‘that they were too nervous of germ’ so then when we introduce them around our school there were  two time traveller kid name Zu and Xan.But when it was lunchtime I say we should go to the slide or the swing but Xan was confused because they don't know.

So then after i explain to them and then Xan told us that they don’t need to climb because they have anti gravity and when Xan float there teacher told Xan to come down and when he did there was a reporter wanted to take a photo and when he did it was cool said me and that was the end.