Friday, 12 May 2017

The immersion assembly

Walt: recount an event in a descriptive and engaging way.

Wow that was amazing and very cool assembly,Oop sorry hi there and welcome to are
new term of term 2 Yeah!. In this term all of the team had made there movie about technology but my most favourite one was team 2 because when i saw Mrs Nalder walking she made me laughed and that was one of the funniest walk i ever saw.

So then in assembly when all of the class came,then Mr burt was talking about technology and it was strange because after our holiday finish we have assembly on Monday and it was very cool to me.Because when i saw in assembly i saw an interest topic and it was called Now that thinking so then when i saw it i was talking about what do that mean to me so then after when we sit down and then Mr Burt said Kia Ora to all of us and i was very happy because i get to see my best friend.

Meanwhile when the assembly still continue all of us was standing.Because every time when we come for assembly on Friday we do our national Anthem because we are representing New Zealand that why,so then in assembly it was finish and i was sad because i want to see more of the movie but then when assembly finish i was happy because it was are very awesome day and cool day.

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