Monday, 29 May 2017

The coin challenge

Walt: write an effective and engaging recount
Walt: use interesting vocabulary in our writing
Walt: be reflective in our writing and make change as we write

Wow! What was an experience we just had in room 10,Hi there in room 10 we just had an cool,Ridiculous and funny challenge outside and it was called coin challenge.

So then in room 10 our teacher explain the instruction before we go and then when she finish the instruction and then she told us to go outside and make are circle.Meanwhile while we were sitting and chatting to each other then i felt a bit Tingly because i was anxious that i don’t know how to do it so then when miss west came and then she told us Again and it was are close one for me, But then when she told all of us to get ready and then Boom! Josh was fast as a Lightning.

So After when miss West told us then all of the other started to get another and another until dun dun dunnn… Then when i saw people cheating and then i felt Suspicious. Because they keep coming and coming but then when it was time to come back to class and i was disappointed because we have to stop but i was happy to at the same just because i had are great time and also because some of my friend keep making me laugh that why and i hope we could do it again.The End

Task description:This task we are doing are recount about the coin challenge. So in room 10 we have to make our writing more detail so people can blog us so then in our class we are finish off work and it cool because i love doing my work so then after that then when i finish my coin challenge and then i post it in my blog.

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