Monday, 15 May 2017

Describe the smart shoe

Walt: use personal voice in our writing
Walt: organise and order ideas and information appropriately

Walt: understand why certain materials are used to support a product in it's performance.
Walt: decide if a product is fit for purpose.
1.Describe the product

I think that the shoe is soft and smooth because how they design where the soft material go and it really good to help and also when we look at the shoe it look like are secret spy gadget that nobody no.

2.what do you think this product is?

I think this shoe is something good and interesting for people.Because how they are comfortable,soft and cosy for them,and also i think that the shoe is really useful and handy  because it can help old people ankle to get better.Also if i were those shoe i think it would be are spy gadget that do anything you want.

3.Do this product solve thing

I think this product is are good product.Because it help people to get better and also it can make your  feet comfortable and warm and cold,because how they have does button.

4.Would you buy it or not buy it?

I think it is are really good idea to buy them.Because it can help you feet get better and also because in the movie it said that they can be charge how they have to button.

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