Thursday, 30 June 2016

Short story

Walt: Writing a narrative story.

In the netball court there was a girl and her name was Rose and she was practicing her shooting.Then suddenly when she was shooting she found a blue shiny star then she touch the blue star then she turn to a superhero and then instead they call her blue star because she has dark blue hair and light blue skirt and a turquoise t-shirt.

One day while blue star was still practicing then she saw a girl she have never seen and when bluestar was staring at that girl the girl said ‘don’t you remember me i was in your netball team and then you didn’t want me to play in the netball team’ then bluestar remember who was the girl and the girl was daisy but when bluestar said her name daisy told bluestar it black fire because when she wasn’t in the netball team she exprienecement herself to turn into a villain also because she have fire in her hand and she have dark black hair and when they were staring each other then blackfire said ‘let have a rematch then bluestar try find her netball ’ then bluestar agreed who ever win they get to lead the other team and then they have to find their team and then blackfire already have her netball team and her friend was maddy janet and julie and blackfire told them there place and she said maddy you are a goalkeeper janet you are the goal shooter and you are helping maddy and finally julie you are a defeat and me i am center and bluestar friend was anna bethany paige givanna and then bluestar said anna your attack bethan your defeat paige your attack too finally givanna your defeat too and i am center and blue star and blackfire said ‘let start’.

Then they begin the netball and blackfire got the ball before bluestar then blackfire said complete the passes then they spread out then blackfire pass it to her friend maddy then maddy pass it to julie then finally they pass it to her shooter and her name was janet and then jenet shoot and miss but maddy catch the rebound and shoot it in then it was bluestar ball and bluestar told the attack one of you in the circle and one of you outside in the circle then bluestar had the ball and pass it to paige and then paige pass it to anna and then paige bluestar told paige to try to catch the rebound and when anna miss paige got the rebound and shoot and they keep going and going.

Then suddenly it was a tie and also it was the last game.Then when it was the last game blackfire have the ball and then she pass it to maddy and maddy pass it to julie but then when julie pass it to janet bluestar jump and grab then ball and they spread out and past it really fast and when paige got the ball she shoot and she got a point and bluestar team won and blackfire lost and when they won they celebrate.

Task description:This task we have to go to our drive and make a new doc and make a copy and write about who your character and what her or his power also setting and the villain and what kind of power she have.After that we have to write the plan and start the writing after when your finish we have to put it on our blog with a label,task description,Walt and the post title.when we finish we have to select our writing and press control c and control v after that we have to put it on our blog.

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