Thursday, 1 June 2017

What happened to Miss west

What has happened to Miss West Today?                                 

Wanted:Miss West
Award:2,0000 dollar
Description:Lovely,helpful and smart teacher and also are funny one too.
Information:Need help to find a big giant that came.Because he had kidnapped our lovely and honest teacher!.Check up top if you have see her and also check below if you see that giant?

In the morning while me and my best friend named Esther were in class reading, then There were something familiar about my class that made me feel miserable and that was my lovely teacher Miss West .Because while we were reading and then suddenly are huge and gigantism giant came along and it was Terrible,Because he took our Beautiful Teacher Oh! Said Esther Dun Dun Dunnnn……. To be continue.

Meanwhile soon when Esther and  all of room 10 friend went, included me went  Then all of us first went to g.i (Glenn inne) and when we went we gave heap of people important news showing our lovely teacher Miss West.But then when we finish handing out and then they had no idea where is Miss West, so then when all of us give all of the sheet.Then they were very disappointed.Because they couldn’t find their teacher Miss West.

But then soon later their was an old,wrinkly and nice man came along and he said to them that the giant live up the cloud and when they heard they were Devastated.So after when the man told them and then the kid said thank you to the old men  and after when they went they ask their teacher Mrs Buchana  to fly an airplane.Because Mrs Buchana is really good at flying and airplane so then after when they ask Mrs buchana fly them up to the sky and when they did they can feel the soft and smooth wind flowing.Meanwhile after when they say goodbye to Mrs buchana and then they huddle so they can make their plan,soon after when they make their plan and then they all sneak like a mouse and slither like a snake and when they got up they saw Miss West and they were happy but then suddenly the giant came and chase us but then when they were chasing there was no escape from his house.Because they have to rather  jump or not but then Mrs buchana came and rescue us The end.

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