Monday, 5 June 2017

Land boat

Why are we making land boat?

We are designing are land boat for the purpose of  having are competitive challenge outside, and also to help us think more better how we can make our design good so then when we grow up we can learn how to use technology like boats.

What material we should use.

So in our class we are describing about our land boat by using our material like this.Our boat have rough cardboard so we can make the sail.Because if we don’t have it  our boat will go slow like are slaggy snail.So in our class we have to think of idea and put it on our plan so then me and my friend choose Woody base,Thick wool and bumpy wheel.Because they are good and strong material.

What is in our plan we choose?

In our plan our teacher ask us one thing we could wish for our land boat and it was really hard.Because i didn’t know anything until when i stop thinking i had an idea so then after when i have an idea i wanted to have are plastic bottle.Because if the wood go mouldy i can use the plastic bottle.

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