Monday, 8 August 2016

Rio 2016

Today it Friday 5th it was time for the Rio 2016 in Brazil.If you didn't know or heard then i will help you. On Brazil they host it on Brazil because they got a big area on Brazil on Brazil there a thousand of contested come in Brazil to compete the game But only if you can be allow.But first they have to train but they need money from their sponsor so they can get fit and strong for the game.

I am excited about the Olympic because of the different sport and those gymnastic because when people watch them doing their sport they a pound of them for trying their best and keep trying to get better.Also because i watch it on youtube in my aunty house  because they a really good and strong too.

 My favourite sport my favourite sport is rowing and my Athete is eric murray and george bridgewater because i have watch on my TV on the channel.Also because i want to be a rowing person when i grow up so i can represent my country and make my family and my friend proud so they can cry and be happy.

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