Monday, 15 August 2016

flapping game

Walt: use a plan when writing.

On the morning while it always be normal in class i came into the classroom and i was shock,frighten Because while i come something mysteriously happen to my class it was closed and i wonder what going on? and when i heard him i started to feel something it wrong. Because when Mr Goodwin got the phone he was Talking to him or her and say something that he didn’t say before Then while he was doing something then i saw a camera and i thought it was watching us.

But then when Mr Goodwin Say something he say to listen carefully and when we went down Mr Goodwin explain why it was close and we were shock but i was nervous when he say we a playing a game and it called reading Rio 2016 and he choose the best reading class who setting up.But when all of the group went then we went Javascript and when we came there was different paper and they were the platform for us to play the game and it call flap the instruction was to flap your wing.Then Before we start we have to choose the person who going first and they have to challenge by flapping their wing and we have to cheer them up and when the person who won go to the final and then it was my turn and i was shy but when they cheer me up it was fun but i didn’t won and then when i try it i felt really good.

My group is Javascript Because i am in this level. When i was cheering for my mate i felt exhausted Because when i was cheering i was getting Tired also i felt really hurt because it was noisy and i couldn't even hear.Meanwhile when she finish her turn it was my turn and i was shivering because i was scared but i didn’t wanted to let my team down so i did it for my team i flap hard as i can but i didn’t win but i try my best when my other teammate came she made it and i was happy for her.

I think i did great because i was flapping my wing like medium.But when i finish i saw my team and they done great because they were flapping their wing as fast as they can and i felt good for them because they try their best but only one made it on our team and her name was Naomi she was the only one who made it on our team and know was time for the semi final and Naomi have to vs the people around her and then they look furious.Because they want the prize and when it started all of the team give support to their  team mate while they were playing Naomi flap her wing as fast like flash and when she did she won the prize and she got two chocolate bar.

When the game finish then Mr Goodwin asked us was it fun then i thought it was exhausted but then he told us the true then i was furious. Because he trick us by telling us it was real the camera that screen us but the worst part we were flapping for nothing and all the kid in the class was angry but i thought that was real because we were flapping fast so i got trick but it was fun too.

Task description: First we have to make a copy of our writing and go to our literacy and grab our reading group and the people who in the group. After when we finish we have to write our introduce the write all of our thing what we done when we a finish we have to check with our teacher before we post it on our blog and when we a finish we have to post it on our blog.

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