Thursday, 22 March 2018

My Wonderful water Activity 1

       Wonderful Water
My new vocab
While reading with your teacher we will add new words that we haven’t seen before and we will make a list of new words that we want to know the meaning for. We will then find a dictionary definition and then create our own definition that makes sense to us:

Dictionary Definition
My Definition
a person who supervises a person or an activity.
A Supervisor is when that if you are under 5 that are adult have to watch you.swim every time.
an instrument for measuring and indicating temperature, typically one consisting of a narrow, hermetically sealed glass tube marked with graduations and having at one end a bulb containing mercury or alcohol which extends along the tube as it expands.
Thermometer is measuring tool that if you are sick then they use it if you are sick or have a cough.
Definition. A macroinvertebrate is the term used for invertebrate fauna that can be captured by a 500-‐µm net or sieve. This includes arthropods (insects, mites, scuds and crayfish), mollusks (snails, limpets, mussels and clams), annelids (segmented worms), nematodes (roundworms), and platyhelminthes (flatworms)
Macroinvertebrates is creature who leave in clean water and pollute water.Include different  kind of critter.
a living creature; an animal.
Critter is animal that are small and big.
in a systematic or methodical manner.:"everything is planned out scientifically"
Scientifically mean that whenever it goes to plan they say the word. Also it mean right.
a simple non flowering plant of a large group that includes the seaweeds and many single-celled forms. Algae contain chlorophyll but lack true stems, roots, leaves, and vascular tissue.
Algae is a green slime that if you don’t wash your fish tank the tank is Algae everywhere.
a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life.: "fish is a source of many important nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and minerals".
Nutrients is many of sources we eat like fish, Egg, weet bix and others that we eat. And that make all of us good life.
the process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural agents.: "the problem of soil erosion".
Ersion i think mean that if you step on soil and it is rotten then they recognize it Erosion.
in a well-organized and competent way.:"he worked efficiently to accomplish the tasks set"
Efficiently is when if you pass you test or good job doing the work great.
dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist.: "the sky was murky and a thin drizzle was falling"
Murky mean that whenever it dark and foggy it is to think that there is thin drizzle.
Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by large numbers of individual particles that are generally invisible to the naked eye, similar to smoke in air. The measurement of turbidity is a key test of water quality.
Turbidity is when it cloudy and it like foggy that they have to measurement the turbidity to test of the good quality.
Stormwater Drains
A storm drain, storm sewer (U.S. and Canada), surfacewater drain/sewer (United Kingdom), or stormwater drain(Australia and New Zealand) is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from impervious surfaces such as paved streets, car parks, parking lots, footpaths, sidewalks, and roofs.
A stormwater drains  is a pipe under the road and it is call sewer or stormwater drains.In the pipe whenever people drink the water it come to the pipe inside it.,

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