Thursday, 22 February 2018

Back to back challenges

WALT: Write a recount with the right structure
WALT: Follow or give instructions to your peers and create a drawing

Have you ever done something a little bit different to your normal routine? Oh I have so in Room 8 we done a fun! activity outdoor around our area and it is called back to back challenge.

When we were listening to Miss Parrant we had to find a buddy and get a pencil. And I was too excited that my heart was beating fast even my buddy named Lao lao so then when we find a buddy then Miss Parrant told us to go into different lines. After when we went then Miss Parrant let us go to find a place. It was difficult how it was so hot that I felt like i was melted but luckily we found are shady place.

Then when Miss Parrant let us started my buddy Lao lao was describing the photo and when she describe it was going well when i was drawing the picture but then when i was drawing I was feeling relax doing it. After the final drawing i done a mistakes ohhh about the mouth. I was laughing and enjoying even Lao lao too.

When I look at my drawing i thought it was are masterpieces ( kind of) so when we went to class I told to my brain that maybe next time to do the alien mouth better.

Task description: Today we a finish off last week work and I am happy that we can continue so I can have much time finish off new work. Then so in this task we done a fun challenges and it call back to back challenge. It was really funny that how i drawn my alien mouth.After when we are finish then we post it.

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