Thursday, 19 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Amazing! what are great Immersion Assembly,Oh Hi there and It is term 4 so in the Morning we went to Immersion Assembly and when we went there it was crazy!.Because our principal and teacher were in different funny costume and Stylish Rainbow Wigs But the thing that I was Surprised that the Title was Musical Madness.So when we Sit down our principal and our Stuff were performing it was Incredible,Amazing and Wow!.

But when they finish it was team 1 and there one was Awesome. Because it was Cool how they were playing snap while they change their music and how they react to it.After they finish team 2 when on and they were Singing Lion sleep tonight.And Miss Gaston and the other teacher were like pop star.I was enjoying it.But soon when they were finish team 3 was funny how they were Lip singing their own favourite, After that it was time for our one and i was laughing and liking our video.Because in our video our teacher were shaking their hair rock and roll.

And finally it was team 5 and there one was Hilarious.Because how Mr Wiseman was making us laugh but when they watch their movie they have were acting.But when Immersion Assembly was finished we went back to class and i really enjoyed all of them but my favourite is Team 3.

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