Tuesday, 4 April 2017

the Environment Storys

Walt: include descriptive and creative vocabulary in our writing.
Walt:use a variety of sentence types.

Once upon a time a long long time ago,There was a man name Ofa and he lived with his Whanau at Tonga.One day while Ofa was pouring watering on his beautiful garden,Then his daughter came and said ‘Dad can you get some food’ and then Ofa said “Yes” so then Ofa went to get his poor little daughter food.So then he build are boat and sell of.

Meanwhile when Ofa was fishing and then suddenly Ofa saw some moving and he was anxious because he  crawl to him and then Ofa was about to run but then he saw his daughter and he was relieved.Because he thought it was
are creature then he told Jade that it was to dangerous for are child but Jade didn’t listen so then she said”Sorry’ to his dad then while they were about to       hug then suddenly  boom! A explosion came so then Ofa told Jade to took cover,Then while Jade was covering then Ofa saw what is causing the damage then when Ofa saw he then saw Michael…..Dun dun dun! Ofa was Devastated but the most horrible thing that Ofa saw he saw michael pollutant rubbish on the ocean so then Ofa and jade try to stop michael from pollutant or else his daughter won’t survive.

After when they had their Sleep Jade was hungry so then Ofa went to his bag and get all his food he can get to help Jade survive,Then while Jade was eating Ofa saw a boat so then Ofa seek to their boat and try to stop pollutant rubbish by turning of the button but it was hard because there were trap but luckily Ofa is good at going through without getting caught,After that Ofa was close but suddenly michael came and said to Ofa”No” but then Ofa push the button.Soon when Ofa came back to Tonga the people was happy so then Ofa save the day.

Task description: Today Room 10 is finishing of our work so then i have to finish my work to.So my work is doing writing so then first our teacher explain what we are writing about and then she told us that we have to write our own story that link to the environment.After that then she said that we have to work on our plan for 5 minute then after when we finish our plan we have to write our story and i was excited.Because my story was about a man that save the ocean,then After when we finish we have to post it on our blog.

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