Friday, 17 March 2017

Year 5&6 amazing day about camps

Walt: add detail to our writing to support our ideas
Walt: reflect on events and our experiences

WOW! this is the best day i ever have.Oh Hi there This year team 4 are doing camp and it was really fun.Because we have so much experience like kayaking,get lost and other stuff.During camp while we were thinking about our first activities our two leader Tehilla and Leite called the president to come.I was nervous but same time excited to.

One of these excited activities was Killer zone.Because when the president came we heard a loud noise coming from the field and it was the Principal's...dun dun dun! I was Heartbroken but brave too because my Two best friend was in that group so we were frenemies. After when we came we have an chart battle and it was out of control but then Mr jacobsen came along and explain the instruction.

Meanwhile we started the game and the first activity was we can’t touch the ground or else the dangerous,creeping crocodile come and bite you the other obstacle was that we have to throw our exploding balloon bomb but first we have to refill before the other team come so we run as fast as flash.But soon they catch up and i was imagining that they we were trying to steal the treasure so we Giddy up like cowboy and girl to try and carry our bomb to our own Territory and then we have to solve how many each we get? then Tehilla said ‘two’ so we grab our bomb and throw to them.After that we have to do our other and it was hard because we have to work as are team but then while we came the principal catch up but we were on the same track.Then suddenly we stop and then because we have traffic so we have to be patient but the principal won but it was a good one.
In this camp i learn to do kayaking and doing the fork and spoon.Next year i would recommend that the student can learn about kayaking and how to use it properly.Also to teach the kid about looking after their tent and don’t rip it or braking the zip.

I grateful that all of our teacher take all of their time to come and help us do camp.Also i am grateful because Mr burt and Mr Jacobsen took there time to come and teach us about kayaking and making our day great.

Task description:This task we are writing about camp and it was really fun.Then our teacher explain what we done and try to find the photo After that we have to write how was camp and try to detail it and then we have to find our ground and put our photo we choose then we have to post it.

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  1. Hi Tuluinga it is Tepaia and I was just wondering was it fun to go camp it dose look fun. What was your favorite thing to do at camp? :)