Wednesday, 22 February 2017

untie the impossible tie

Walt: write a recount
Walt: elaborate on our ideas with relevant details

In the morning it was a normal day.but then something strange was happening when i came class.It was my teacher Miss west she was familiar.Because we don’t usually sit in are circle.

Meanwhile while we were doing work our teacher said that we are separate to group i don’t know why but i was curious.Because I thought that we were going to different class because miss west have to go for a vacation.But miss west told us that we are playing untie the knot it was mysterious.

I don’t know what we were doing but i thought that we have to hold different hand and twist together to make are difficult knot.But our teacher told us and we understand.So we put our left hand and try to grab another hand.It was funny.Because i keep hold the same then we start untangle it was hard because i keep falling down but Josh keep tangle us but Toby the smart guy he told us the instruction but we didn’t listen.

After that i had fun because we keep falling and try untangle us but then we have to do our work and our teacher explain what we need to do and we have to finish our last week one.I hope that we play it again...

Task description: This task we have to do an recount that mean that we have to write it again.When i think about what we done our teacher said that we have to describe about what happen and then we have to write about what we done and describe about it was interest.Because sometime i have idea and they were funny and silly but mostly interesting.After when we finish we have to choose our photo then post it.

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