Friday, 28 October 2016

into the cave

Walt: write a narrative
Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing
(for example, use of paragraphs, a range of sentence types, descriptive language, punctuation, spelling)
In the morning there was a girl Named Maddie. She was a lovely girl and she live in New York .One day Maddie ask her sister Mackenzie if she want to walk with her.But then when they were about to go then someone ring the door it was Kendall. Maddie friend.So kendall came in.Because her Mom jill hang out with Maddie mom.When Maddie was about to ask permission to walk then suddenly she had a idea.She ask Jill kendall mom can Kendall come with us and jill say yes so they went of to walk.

When they were walking then Maddie saw a cave.It was Dark and spooky.So Maddie thought we could check it out in the cave.But Kendall was frighten of the cave it was deep so they went in to.When they went in they couldn’t even see but then when Maddie went closer she heard something it was a bat.Maddie was scared so they try to go out but they were trap Maddie,Mackenzie and Kendall was trying to get help in their phone but their were no service.So they gether around and try to think of a plan to escape.But suddenly something went close and close to Mackenzies Mackenzie scream and run so Maddie got an idea so they split apart to each cave to see the way out of the cave.But they couldn’t found any way to get out so then when they couldn’t get out.Then Maddie saw a tunnel that they didn’t went so they went in the last tunnel.

So Maddie went first then her sister and finally her friend so when they went out they made it out from the cave.When they finally get out.They were all exhausted of trying to find their way out of the cave so they went home and didn’t told them about that but Maddie Had a good time hanging out with her sister and friend so they play in the house and the mom was talking.

Task description: first we have to set down and make a copy of it the task.Then we have to name our character and were our setting after that our teacher give us time to start and then we have to start writing about what happen did they got lost or something then when we finish.We have to re check it then post it with a photo.

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