Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Yesterday morning the whole year 3 went to the museum to discuss and experience about  man

dinosaurs and fossils. The kind and lovely parents came with us to have a scavenger hunt.

First we went to the classroom. It was incredible because there were many different shape

Of fossils.We saw different people pretend and imagine being a paleontologist. It was because

We had to investigate the fossils and it was the massive egg,then huge skull and the pointy sharp claw.Then we try to talk about what is it and we explain it to the group to tell which was the fossils.After that we touched different artefacts.Also we have guessed is it a fossil or not. When we were playing josh told us is it a fossil and we have to guess to after that josh told us to don't tell.

I enjoy the museums because it is a marvellous place I will like it to do it again when I am year 4. 


  1. Hi Inga it is me tayah I like that you are at the museum you liked it so much.

    1. Thank you Tayah for commenting I really hope that you have a good day and maybe I check your blog.